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Every other week, friends discuss a comic book character, team, or event. Jonathan, a lifelong Marvel devotee, presents and Josef, who doesn't like comics and is significantly more grounded in reality, calls bull. Expect fun, rants, and occasional tidbits of comic knowledge. 

Jun 9, 2021

Heads up, this is a mighty strange episode. In seeking to understand The Headmen (the oddball supervillain team consisting of Dr. Arthur Nagan, Chondu the Mystic, Ruby Thursday, and Jerry), we dive headfirst into the strange world of Steve Gerber. Prepare for Omega the Unknown, Elf with a Gun, and brains in bowls:...

May 26, 2021

We dig our claws into Daken, son of Wolverine in this episode! We'll explore this character, chat with Josef about fatherhood, and maybe even give a hint as to our next episode...

May 12, 2021

It's a bonus half episode! As a companion to our WandaVision, Jon explains Falcon and the Winter Soldier to Josef and hijinks ensue!

Needless to say, we spoil the $#!& out of the show, so maybe watch before listening...

May 12, 2021

By popular demand, your favorite podcasters are diving into Marvel TV! Join us as we talk extensively about WandaVision, Disney's inaugural MCU show. It goes without saying, heavy spoilers for the show, so if you're interested, consider watching before listening.  

Apr 28, 2021

When it comes to comic characters, time travelers are especially confusing. But this dude? He's in a league of his own. Join us as we try to understand Kang and (most of) his other identities!